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Here is a list of the affiliates I am currently working with:


15% off code: RADICALROOTS

Four Sigmatic mushroom elixirs are an integral part of my every day. I love the Lions Mane added to my coffee for focus and clarity, the Chaga for an immune boost, and the Adaptogen mix for balanced mood and calm throughout the day. Find your own boosts for 15% off!



I am proud to partner with the folks at Paleovalley. Their mission is to help people reclaim vibrant health by providing products that prioritize nutrient density in an industry that prioritizes everything else. They believe that every dietary choice and every added ingredient is a powerful opportunity to love and care for oneself, and I couldn’t be more on board. Shop real food supplements, the best beef sticks on the market, collagen, and more!


Did you know that there is zero regulation regarding what goes into your wine? The family at Scout and Cellar sources Clean-Crafted™ wine from all over the world, creating and bottling wildly delicious wines with an authentic sense of place, working directly with growers and producers who embody Clean-Crafted Commitment® in their daily practices. They walk through the vineyards, visit the cellars, share meals together. The end result? Delicious wines. Better in the bottle. Better in your glass. Better for the planet.


The world’s healthiest pantry at your finger tips! I LOVE Corganic, for myself, my daughter, and you. We love the Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels (the only fish oil we take), the probiotisc (I’ve given Evie the Infant Gut Pro since birth), and everything this company has to offer. Looking for supplements you can trust? Look no further.


Code: modernmamas

Vital Choice is a trusted source for fast home delivery of the world’s finest wild seafood and organic fare, harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and farms. The fisheries that supply this seafood are certified sustainable either by MSC (look for their blue logo) or the State of Alaska. And you can taste the freshness. The best seafood we’ve ever had! Our freezer is always stocked.



This is the best CBD product I’ve used. I firmly believe in the healing support offered by this line of hemp oils. The creators are dear friends of mine and incredibly wise souls, who believe in the sacred wisdom of your body and its innate ability to heal itself. They’ve created these organic, highest quality oils to do just that. Get 15% off Fe Earth to Body with code: RADICALROOTS.

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I have fallen hard for two sustainable clothing companies that GET IT. Fast fashion is a huge problem: resources wasted, landfills loaded, and people treated poorly for the sake of fashion. I refuse to be a part of it, and thankfully PACT and EVERLANE make shopping sustainably and fashionable easy. Check out PACT for everything from cute sweaters and underwear to bath and bedding. And Everlane has an awesome sliding scale option so you pay what you can afford for denim and other awesome clothing that makes a difference.


We LOVE our Travel Sized Berkey Water Purifier. Did you know that Berkey has surpassed standards set by the military in order to be able to differentiate between water filters of different abilities? These standards set the bar so high that very few are able to achieve this classification. Berkey water filters not only meet this standard but surpasses it with never before seen results. I am drinking more water than ever before because I love the pure taste, and I love knowing our family is reducing our toxic load with every sip.


Code: radicalroots

Shop 15% off my favorite, safe deodorant! Primally Pure makes the only non-toxic deodorant that actually works for me, and I am so thrilled to be able to share the non-stinky love with you.

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