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Services and Downloads

My goal is to empower you to move forward more in tune with your body’s needs, utilizing the skills, wisdom, and strength you’ve had inside all along. Move with intention. Nourish intuitively (and bake your own sourdough). Connect with yourself and others. Sounds like a good fit? See my services and downloads below!

Here’s what I offer…

Online Programs

Seeking guidance and support to help you live your best life from home or wherever life takes you? Check out these affordable and empowering online libraries and programs! Begin your own mindful movement practice on your own time with my Let’s Flow library. Take the guesswork out of fitness with 6 weeks of intentional programming that meets you wherever you are in your fitness journey. Choose from three scaling options for each workout, depending on the season and your equipment. Let’s move with intention together, friend!

Ask Me Anything 30-minute Call!

Seeking guidance in support to help you live your best life, find the nutrition and movement practices that best serve you, grow your business, start a podcast, live in a van, camp, get outside, travel with kiddos? I am here for you! Sometimes the best support is best completed over a real time chat. We’ll get on a 30-minute call, talk through your goals, your why, your life, and you’ll leave our call with a realistic plan to help you meet these goals and keep them moving forward with intuition and empowerment.

Group Coaching

Are you interested in an in-person or virtual group workshop or training session? I’m here to empower you to realistically implement intuitive living, mindful eating, daily movement for good! I lead group training sessions and/or host 2-4 hour workshops to guide you and your team, colleagues, gym mates, friends and/or family through an educational, inclusive workshop to help you implement actionable steps to live your best life (and maintain it too)! I build the workshop to fit your needs: nutrition, mindset, movement, or a combination of them all! Often, the best learning and accountability come when done with the ones you care about.

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Sourdough Sisterhood

Ready to make home baked sourdough a part of your life? Want to connect with the Sourdough Sisterhood? Perhaps it’s time to nourish yourself and your loved ones with the ancient practice of baking fermented and delicious bread! I am here to help with my super simple guide to home baked sourdough, my Sourdough Sisterhood Ebook, and my video tutorials. No matter your experience level, you CAN bake your own sourdough and enjoy the process too. Sourdough can be self care.

Let’s Connect

I’m here to support you! Got a question? Ready to work together? Reach out and tell me what’s on your mind.

Want to dive a little deeper?

Let’s talk nourishment, intuitive fitness, sourdough, mindset, van travel, or whatever you’d like!