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Hey, I’m Laura!

My goal is to inspire holistic health and happiness through connecting with self,  people, and planet, teaching intuitive movement and nutrition, practicing and podcasting about mindful parenthood, and traveling often as a family in our converted van. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m here to share empowerment, self love, real food nutrition, functional movement,
healthy mindset habits, and the beauty of travel. Want to learn more?

Safer Skincare

Join me in my passion for safer skincare! Better for your body and the environment, and it WORKS.
Interested in ditching the toxins and doing better by your skin?

Get the raw, unfiltered scoop on our epic van travels with two adults, a busy toddler and two dogs. They don’t call it an adventure for nothing!

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Every Wednesday, tune in for incredible guest interviews and real, raw, and unfiltered catchup episodes with your hosts. If you’re looking for non-judgmental insights, shared experiences, and connection, look no further! No judgement, just support, solidarity, and plenty of laughs.

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I am here to help you through whatever stage of life you’re in to live a more balanced, healthy, intuitive life or even to help you build the business of your dreams. Choose from one-on-one support, group programs, workshops and more!

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Turns out that real food can also be real delicious, and I am here to show you how. Food is a love language, and I am speaking Loud. Find recipes and flavors for every season, every palate, and every dietary need. Food nourishes in more ways than one. Click below to see my recipes and learn how.

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Want to learn more about the products our family loves?

I promise to only ever share companies, supplements, and products I have tested, loved, and now use daily for myself and my family. Browse our favorites and to learn more about how we implement everything from mushroom elixirs and propolis immunity boosters to healthy wine and our favorite treats!