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Become a customer and start swapping out your beauty products and cosmetics to safe, non-toxic versions from Beautycounter.

2) JOIN AS A “BAND OF BEAUTY” MEMBERBoB-member-content-25-US-dt

Your $25 Annual Membership Includes:

  • 15 % product credit with every order
  • Receive free shipping off all orders of $100 or more
  • Complimentary gift just for signing up
  • Special offers exclusively for members

SNAG YOUR MEMBERSHIP HERE and make sure that “Laura Bruner” is listed as your consultant. I’ll be sure to offer great support!


Are you passionate about our mission and ready to spread the word? Join as a consultant and save 25% off your own orders and take advantage of the opportunity to earn some additional income by educating others about the skin care industry and how to make safer choices. Some consultants earn a full time income, while others do it on the side to share their passions and supplement their regular income. It is very flexible and can be whatever you want it to be!

We are a direct retail company (not an MLM), we do not require that you spend a minimum amount on products every month. We have a low start-up fee of $95 (which you will earn right back!).

This is the right time to join Beautycounter! We are growing fast – we grew 350% last year! Most consultants are the first in their area and are able to build their business and spread the word quickly!

We offer tons of support on our team and we will coach you in how to educated others and run a successful business!

  • Get started here, then click the menu option Join as a Consultant.
  • Enter your email and other required info to create your account. It will say Choose a Mentor and give you an option for the default, which is “BeautyCounter HQ.” Under that, click Select a Different Mentor and put in Laura Bruner in the first and last name section.
  • Add your Enrollment Kit into your cart – this is the package they require you to purchase if you want to be a consultant.
  • You can optionally add one of the special Enrollment product packages to your shopping cart for a discounted option.
  • Finish the enrollment page and place your order.

If you’ve been following me for long, you know that I am very passionate about eating a healthy, nourishing foods and inspiring others to do the same. I advocate for functional fitness and strength of mind body and soul. And so now, the natural next step for me was to start take care of strengthening and cleaning up what’s left. Skincare came next, and it’s sure been fun to jump full on into. I am so excited to have discovered a brand that I love, trust and can really get behind! And I am glad that I can now bring it to you. Enjoy! And Live rad, my friends.