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Louis Chiaramonte, nutrition consultant client – father, husband, full-time employee

Louis“After working out for nearly a year & a half in CrossFit, I was quite frustrated that I was not losing weight although I was eating what I thought was balanced. Then I was introduced to Laura & she took a genuine interest to help me figure out what I needed to do with my nutrition. Over a three month period, Laura guided me with my nutrition to losing nearly 25 pounds, which in itself was amazing; moreover, I also noticed a number of other key benefits such as increased energy, better quality sleep, clearer skin, & most importantly a clear grasp of what I needed to do to maintain my progress. Laura completely took the guess work out of my nutrition & guided me on a path to continued success with my nutritional & fitness goals. I cannot thank you enough Laura!”

Jenny Timpany, nutrition consultant client – participant in NC Fit’s RISE Challenge

Jenny T.“I couldn’t have been more thankful to have the opportunity to work with Laura.  I thought I had a grip on nutrition, but her knowledge, tips and insight helped bring me success that I didn’t know I could reach.  By really taking the time to get to know me and the foods I enjoy, she helped me to tweak my meals and made it feel almost effortless.  She taught me mindful eating, the benefits of balanced meals, and about the ways that different foods can affect your body.  I definitely have her to thank in aiding my success and couldn’t have been happier to work with her!”

James Woloszyn, nutrition consultant client – Chief of Staff & Head of Customer Strategy and Business Operations at Hewlett Packard

“Laura had a profound effect on my life when we started working together on my nutrition. I am 40 years old, and was finding that everything that had worked in my 20’s and 30’s were no longer working, and I was putting on weight no matter how hard I worked out (daily). I was training for cycling races, and new that if I could just drop a few lb’s I would improve. After working with Laura I dropped 7 lb’s of fat and put on 5 lb’s of muscle in 8 weeks. Fast forward 4 months, and I am about to do my first triathlon, and am in better shape than I have been in 10 years. My weight is good, my body is strong and most importantly, I know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Laura took all the guesswork out for me, and put me on the right path for what I needed.”

Janet Navarrette, General Manager of Corporate Operations – NC Fit
“Our work with Laura Bruner was aimed at providing our clients with nutrition awareness to complement our fitness initiatives through a number of seminars and online forums. We were thrilled to see a great amount of engagement and positive feedback resulting from Laura’s execution. What we appreciated most about working with Laura is that not only does she have a core knowledge base from her credentials, but also that her approachable methods come from real life experiences. This creates a welcoming and genuine nature that is hard to find. She has a strong ability to care about people, she is responsible and highly organized, and she will deliver in exceeding expectations.”