coffee, protein, fat… the morning trinity

Alright, people. This is a GOOD one. It’s so good, that starting my day has a whole new level of excitement to it now. And with that whole new level of excitement comes a whole new level of productivity and even energy in the gym… what is it???


One of the main ingredients in this delicious morning drink is one of my favorite Uber Juice flavors. Uber is a brand-spankin-new company that just started out of the Bay Area, creating THE FRESHEST cold-pressed juices you will find anywhere. They deliver them made-to-order to NorCal. The key ingredient here is the almond mylk flavored one. Trust me on this one*…. coffee pic 6 *Note: I ONLY post about products I really love and believe in, so no BS here.

[recipe title=”Coconutty Protein Coffee” servings=”1″ time=”5 min” difficulty=”easy”]


  • Uber – almond mylk (you can replace this with full fat coconut milk from the can or homemade almond milk)
  • 2 TB coconut butter of your choice ( I like Sweet Spreads)
  • HIGH QUALITY coffee – whole beans please (We use Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting) *expect a post soon on what I mean by high-quality coffee
  • HIGH QUALITY protein powder, made from organic whey protein from grass-fed cows
  • coffee maker and Vitamix (or blender)


  • grind FRESH beans and make a pot of hot coffee
  • pour desired amount (I do about 8 oz) into your Vitamix
  • add one serving of protein powder (or more if you want to)
  • pour in desired amount of Uber Almond Mylk *I do about 1/2 cup
  • add your coconut butter
  • blend until frothy!
  • ENJOY!* [/recipe]

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m heading up to San Francisco today to watch Jason Khalipa throw down with some of the other CrossFit greats and to hang out with my amazing colleagues at CrossFit HQ. It’s going to be a good day, especially since I started it right with this amazing stuff… ENJOY!

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