Episode #80 of the MMP: Anne Garland on Creating a Non-Toxic Home

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“Guest Interview – Anne Garland from Grass-Fed Salsa on Creating a Non-Toxic Home on a Budget”

In this episode, Jess sits down with Interior Designer and Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, Anne Garland to chat all of the ways to create a non-toxic living space. We talk about some of the BIG changes you can make, but also how to slowly and cost-effectively go about creating a cleaner home. This episode was a good one. Don’t miss it!

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Anne is a certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and Interior Designer who is passionate about whole home and body detox, as well as personalized nutritional therapies tailored to the individual. She’s the creator of several online programs and ebooks including Ditch Your Nutritionist, Autoimmune Accomplice, and Detox Your Life which is launching in January. When she’s not designing hotels or creating content for her wellness business and website Grass Fed Salsa, you can find her snuggled up to her 9 month old daughter GG, her husband James, and their pups Cohen and Kiki.

Links and Such:
KeimRomaBioFarrow and Ball
Budget Friendly Furniture: Ikea
Mattress: Posh & Lavish
Acorn App for budgeting large purchases
Carpeting: SafaviehLorena CanalNuloomFlorHook and Loom
Home Fragrance: Beeswax Candles, activated charcoal, Diffusers/EO
Cleaning Products: Branch Basics, Norwex
Air Purifiers: Austin AirIQ AirOzonator, air purifying bag
Plants: Mother in Law Tongue, Fiddle Leaf Tree, Rubber Tree, Golden Pothos, Dracaena

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Laura’s website – https://myradicalroots.com/
Email: modernmamaspodcast@gmail.com

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