Episode #49 of the MMP: Diane Sanfilippo

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We've got a new Podcast Partner, and we are THRILLED! Paleovalley has come on board to support the Modern Mamas Podcast and to bring our wonderful listeners a great deal. Click here and use code "radicalroots" for 20% off your entire order. The Organ Complex has been a huge part of my fertility and postpartum [...]

finally, people are getting Fed Up

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Happy 2015! It's a new year, and if there is one thing I love about the new year, it is the new vigor so many people have for life and the well-intentioned goals that typically revolve around health and fitness. I have heard all kinds of resolutions (mostly unrealistic ones that falter after a week [...]

banana sweetened cocoa-nut truffles

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Ask and you shall receive! After posting my chocolate chip chewies (which are sweetened with coconut sugar), many of you who are currently doing a sugar detox or the NorCal CrossFit Summer Challenge asked for a "treat" that you could enjoy without going off plan. I'll tell you what, treats without sweetener are hard to [...]