Episode #28 of the Modern Mamas Podcast – Dr. Erica on Baby Moves

“Guest Interview – Dr. Erica Boland on Baby Development” 

In this episode of The Modern Mamas Podcast we are talking all about how we can help our babies move the way nature intended for a lifetime of functional movement and core strength!

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Erica Boland, DC works as a Chiropractor alongside her husband, Kyle, in West Salem, WI. She is a mom to four adventure seeking boys, owner and Regional Director of BIRTHFIT Wisconsin, a member of BIRTHFIT’s Senior Leadership Team, a doula, and a core and pelvic floor enthusiast. It is her mission to educate and empower women through transformation of current postpartum protocols and bring light to true activation of the core and and pelvic floor.

Links and Such:
BIRTHFIT Professionals Seminar (I’ll be teaching in Seattle in March!)
DNS: The Prague School and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
See the developmental positions HERE
Baby Moves
How to Stop Interfering with your Child’s Development
Filling the Gap Part 2 from Coulee Health
Consults with Dr. Erica
Functional Progressions
Find Dr. Erica on Instagram – @birthfitwisconsin
Find Erica at BIRTHFIT Wisconsin and Coulee Health

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