Episode #51 of the MMP – Suzanne of Generation Mindful

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“Nurturing Mindfulness in Children through Play and Connection with Suzanne Tucker of Generation Mindful”

In this episode of the Modern Mamas Podcast, Jess sits down with Suzanne Tucker, PT, owner and operator of the amazingly inspiring Generation Mindful. This episode is about so much–parenting from a place of connection and love, how to foster connection through play, and what mindfulness and emotional intelligence looks like in children.  There are so many great tools mentioned in this episode to start creating a relationship based off positive discipline and connection from an early age.  Not only do we talk tools, but we also talk about how changing a parenting dynamic comes from doing the work in our own lives FIRST.  This is a great episode you will NOT want to miss!

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Suzanne’s bliss is inspiring connection and her life’s purpose is to help our society evolve the way it nurtures, educates, and disciplines children. A mom of four, physical therapist, and parent educator with a focus on attachment since 1992, Suzanne has been teaching mindful parenting classes for over two decades including, among other things, weekly infant massage classes to new parents. In 2016 Suzanne was inspired by one of the parent graduates in her class to found Generation Mindful, a social-mission driven company creating educational tools, toys and programs that connect the generations playfully and build emotional intelligence.

Links and Such:

Generation Mindful:  Visit this site to get the tools mentioned in the podcast (Peacemakers Game, Time In Took Kit, Positive Parenting Class)

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Laura’s website – https://myradicalroots.com/
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