Episode #98 of the MMP: Kelsey Ortlieb and Laura Bruner on Living Intuitively YOU!

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“Guest Interview – Kelsey and Laura on Living Intuitively YOU!”

In this episode, Jess sits down with Laura and Kelsey to chat all about their new Intuitive Living Online Course. Kelsey and Laura each dive into their own journeys to finding intuitive eating, movement, and mindset practices. They share what it means to eat, move, and live more in tune with the body and mind, and simple steps we can all do to get there. This is an important episode for everyone!

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Laura is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified CrossFit Trainer, mama to Evie Wilder, and firm believer in the mind, body, soul connection. She is one of the voices and hearts behind the Modern Mamas Podcast and has a passion for supporting families (especially mamas) in every phase. Through her work with individual clients, her online training programs, and her seminars and workshops, Laura’s goal is to educate and inspire towards intuitive shifts in daily habits and headspace, leading to healthier minds and bodies, increased strength and physical potential, longevity, and most importantly, the empowerment that comes with taking health into our own hands. Laura, Rusty, Evie, and their two sweet pups recently moved into a van and have hit the road full time to follow their hearts, connect with their community, and explore this wonderful country.

Kelsey is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Mama to Jade Harper, lover of moving her body in ways that serve her, and grounding herself through daily mindfulness. She works with clients one-on-one and in group settings to help them achieve their goals by understanding more about what their unique bodies need and how food can be an incredible healer. Her foundation is built in mindfulness, so she also works closely with her clients to tap into their mindset and help shift some things around. She has also worked as a School Counselor helping to implement Mindfulness practices in the school setting. It has been a long journey for her to get to a place of living intuitively. She understands the battles we often go through with our bodies and minds, she’s been there. Which is why it has become so important to her to help others regain trust in themselves and learn to live a life based on their unique needs. Her goal is to help others to stop fighting with the bodies and minds, and instead, listen, and work in tandem with the body and mind to be happy and healthy. I’m so excited to help guide you to a place of living intuitively.

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♡ Laura

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