layers, empathy, and boundaries: some thoughts

Sitting here on a Sunday morning with coffee in hand and inspiration in my heart. Evie and I spent the morning yesterday with wonderful friends, playing, sipping coffee, running, exploring, and having important conversations face to face, heart to heart. There’s so much power and vulnerability in conversations had off social media.

Anyone else feeling the immense tension on social media (and of course in main stream media) lately? Lots of shaming, anger, quick conclusions, reposting, and emotion-packed reactionary responses. I am not here to tell anyone how to respond to life’s current stressors, division, and uncertainty. I am just here existing with empathy in my heart, learning on my mind, and also boundaries set in place.

This processing doesn’t necessarily come from any specific experience of my own, but what I’ve watched unfold between people in my life and online. Relationships ruined, humility lost, respectful dialogue gone, communication and listening out the window.

In an effort to be the most “woke”,  the loudest in the room, and/or to meet some community expectation (please note that I am not referring to any specific political party here because I believe that everything does not have to be political), I am seeing instances where human connection is losing its place. Of course, a year of isolation and shut downs is only exacerbating it all.

I’ve seen family attacked for re-sharing something in stories. I’ve seen people “canceled” for expressing anything other than the current popular opinion. I’ve seen lots of censorship and silencing. I’ve seen so much generalizing. I’ve seen examples of blatant and systemic racism (though this, of course, is nothing new, with so much work to do). I’ve seen folks lose themselves in worrying so damn much about what others think, sometimes no longer thinking for themselves in an effort to fit in, say the right thing, or please someone else.

Current events that unfold have layers, and so do humans. It’s unfair to think that anyone can take information in (especially with the biases from “news” outlets), learn, process fully, and formulate a stance to then so immediately share publicly. But somehow, that’s become the expectation.

We’re human; We’re fallible. We have unique pasts that create the stories and mindsets we live right now. And also, I like to think that most of us are seeking growth or will at some point especially once we’ve all had time to process the trauma (minor for some; major for many) and mind fucks of this year. And everyone does that growing, learning, and processing in their own way. We’re a lot more likely to inspire growth in others and remain open to it ourselves with humility, open hearts, empathy, and space for honest conversation. But also boundaries. Always boundaries. For ourselves. For the future.

I’m not perfect. I never will be. I have a lot of work and learning and processing to do always. I guess I share this here because it’s a place to process my journey, and maybe to offer some solidarity in case you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all some days too.

I see you.

Hugs, Laura


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