Episode #100 of the MMP – Celebrations, Updates, and Rapid Fire Q&A from Austin!

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We are SO EXCITED to share that we have a brand new sponsor! Bee Keeper's Naturals has come on to support the Modern Mamas Podcast. They are a wonderful company with incredibly effective products made from harnessing the power of the beehive to share a line of effective supplements and remedies to solve modern health [...]

Episode #44 of the MMP – Dr. Sherri Lorraine on the Pelvic Floor

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"Guest Interview - Dr. Sherri Lorraine on the Pelvic Floor" In this episode, Laura sits down with Dr. Sherri Lorraine for an interview FILLED with lightbulb moments. They dive into all things pelvic floor, from what you can do preconception and during pregnancy to help with pelvic floor recovery in the postpartum period, to rehabilitation [...]

Episode #32 of the MMP – Modern Dad: Rusty Bruner

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"Modern Dad: Rusty Bruner" In this episode of The Modern Mamas Podcast I sit down with my wonderful husband and daddy to our Evie Wilder. My love and partner in all things joins me for our first ever dad episode! Rusty and I spent a Friday night date night at home with our sleeping babe, sipping [...]