Episode #20 of the MMP – Megan Garcia on First Foods and Beyond

“Guest Interview – Megan Garcia on First Foods and Beyond

In this episode of The Modern Mamas Podcast we are talking to Megan Garcia, author of First Foods and Beyond, all about baby’s first foods, supplementation, mindset, and life as a real food mama of two.

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Megan Garcia is a mama to two boys and lives in Los Angeles. She has a master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and is the creator of First Foods & Beyond. Her main gig for the last ten years has been copywriting, editing, and research for folks in the health and wellness industry. When Megan found out she was pregnant with her first baby back in 2011, she began going deep into baby health and wellness. Specifically a baby’s first 1000 days. Her interest in baby health, combined with a big love for all things food and gut related has become the heart and soul of what she does in her own little corner of the web, at megangarcia.com. We unpacked so much in this episode, but still have a ton to discuss, so stay tuned for another episode with Megan in the not too distant future!

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Instagram – @megan__garcia

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I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant and a Certified CrossFit Trainer. I have a passion for educating, and I absolutely love teaching others about nutrition, functional movement, and the power each has to set the foundation for health, wellness, and true quality of life. I LOVE to eat and fuel my body to live life to the utmost, and I wholeheartedly believe that sustainably sourced, nutrient dense foods can be the greatest form of medicine as well as the ingredients to create the most delicious, palate pleasing meals (it’s a win-win!)

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