Episode #53 of the MMP: Emily Schromm

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“Guest Episode: Emily Schromm on Body Awareness, fitness, fat, and moving like a human anywhere”

In this episode of the Modern Mamas Podcast, Laura sits down with Emily Schromm to talk all things fitness, nutrition (including the importance of fat), empowerment, and body awareness. We dive into why fitness doesn’t need to happen in the gym, why listening to our body’s innate wisdom and loving ourselves where we are now can make all the difference, and why putting positive energy into the world can be so powerful. Don’t miss this one!

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Emily Schromm is a personal trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and health and wellness coach based in Denver, Colorado. Emily’s work in the fitness industry involves work with 9 News Denver as their Nutrition and Fitness Expert, Women’s Health Magazine as their former Next Fitness Star, and nationwide publications like STRONG and Paleo Magazine. Emily’s own work as a fitness entrepreneur includes her backpack turned weight training bag the EmPack, her holistic tea company Element Tea, her podcast Meathead Hippie, and the online strength programs and challenges she runs for thousands across the world at www.emilyschromm.com. Soon she will be the owner of a Strength and Conditioning gym in RiNO, Denver, called Platform Strength.

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Meathead Hippie
Evolved Motion
The Body Awareness Project
Platform Strength
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