paleo “peanut butter” cups

Again, I use quotes here because they aren’t actually made with peanut butter, but boy do they taste like it.

Before, I dive in, I have to let you know something. I have NEVER liked Reese’s peanut butter cups. Since I was a kid, they made my stomach hurt so bad (probably because I had a nasty night of throwing up once, and the last thing I ate was a Reese’s). Sorry for TMI, but you get the point. Maybe it’s also because they are not made with real peanut butter, or real chocolate for that matter….

The delicious cups in this post, however, make me so happy. They are DELICIOUS and nutritious, packed full of healthy fats from organic sunflower seed butter (nuts and seeds in moderation, of course) and coconut oil and antioxidants from raw, organic cocoa powder. Plus they’re very low in sugar (considering the other options) and made from all whole, unprocessed foods. The best part? Dangerously easy to make, which means you can always have this tasty treat in the fridge.

I like making them because each one is small, unlike brownies, which I tend to cut into GIANT pieces and eat over coconut ice cream. These “peanut butter” cups help with a sweet craving without an insane insulin spike. They are such a nice little treat when you are craving dark chocolate, peanut butter or maybe both at once.

So, without further rambling…. here you go!

photo 2 (2)

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: moderate
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  • place 6 cupcake papers in a cupcake baking sheet
  • melt coconut oil and pour into a bowl
  • add the cocao powder and stir until mixed
  • then, add your Love Bean Fudge and mix it all up until totally combined
  • use a tablespoon to fill bottom of each cupcake paper (I did about 1 1/2 TB for each)
  • pop it in the fridge to set (15 minutes)
  • now for the filling! Mix sunbutter butter with date sugar until all combined (if your using dates, put dates and butter in a food processor until combined)
  • once your chocolate mixture has set, spoon sunbutter mixture into each cupcake paper until evenly dispersed
  • flatten down the sunbutter mixture (gently), and cover with another thin layer of the chocolate (the rest of it) but make sure your chocolate has cooled entirely but is still liquid
  • back in the fridge for 20 minutes to set
  • ENJOY!!

The best part of this most recent Bruner Kitchen escapade is that Rusty was around for the clean up, and he decided to do ALL of my dishes, which is nice because I am kind of a mess in the kitchen (don’t judge me). I am also a bit of a clean freak, so this was a special treat. He makes me very happy… and he is a wonderful taste tester (who is very honest with me, which is a plus). This is the second attempt at these, and after some tweaks, the consensus is in… these are good!

photo 5

Enjoy! Let me know what you think….

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