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easy any night taco bowls

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Anyone else feeling the need to spice up dinners lately? Sheltering at home means a lot of meals in and a lot family feeding that needs to happen. We've been having fun getting creative, turning [...]

Sourdough Pizza

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There is something about homemade pizza night in, paired with a good movie and extra quality family time, that brings a unique kind of joy. Since Willow (our sourdough starter) has become an important part [...]

bacon and mushroom holiday stuffing

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It's that time of year again. Cold weather, changing leaves, family gatherings, appreciation for all that life has given us, and of course delicious food. Since starting this blog, my family has kind of handed [...]

warm roasted cauliflower and kale winter salad

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I made this for the first time for my amazing friend Jenna (of Healthy Mama Space) and her family on a recent trip down to San Diego when they welcomed us into their home and [...]