clean green shake on the go

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Today's post comes to you from the Bruner kitchen. I am actually shocked that I haven't really mentioned my Vitamix yet considering it's my 4th love (just behind Rusty and our two pups). This thing can be used to make pretty much any dish. It's fast, it cleans itself, and no kitchen should be without [...]

the open, laughter, and remembering what this is all about

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So, I have been holding my breath since 14.1 was announced, hoping and wishing for NO chest to bar pull ups or muscle ups until the very last week. But you know… the whole unknown and unknowable thing got the best of me this week. My back is nowhere near ready for any sort of [...]

the open is upon us… plus a morning in my meal world

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Let's talk about 14.1.  *note: if you don't care that much about The Open, I hope I can help change your mind, BUT you can also just scroll to the bottom for some nutrition tidbits for today. I have a recipe for you, and I go through what a morning of eating around my training [...]