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Today’s post comes to you from the Bruner kitchen.

I am actually shocked that I haven’t really mentioned my Vitamix yet considering it’s my 4th love (just behind Rusty and our two pups). This thing can be used to make pretty much any dish. It’s fast, it cleans itself, and no kitchen should be without one…. seriously go buy one.

Today’s recipe isn’t particularly sexy, but it is practical, and sometimes practical is actually sexy because it gives you more time to do the things you love, while still fueling your body well.

Today’s been a pretty busy day; I coached 6 am, went straight into the CrossFit HQ office for meetings while eating some frittata, jetted home, made it to the 12:00 class 10 minutes late, worked out, did some extra squatting, MADE THIS SHAKE, and then was off to a tax meeting to get that crap out of the way.

So the sexy thing about this shake is that I was able to get healthy fuel in between all of the craziness, and I didn’t have to waste any time at the store or over my oven. It is beautifully balanced meal when it comes to macronutrient breakdown too, which is great for keeping energy levels high and avoiding crashes. Understanding macronutrient balance is important for performance, energy, and overall health.

So here goes nothing!

Clean Green Protein Shake)

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • Vitamix
  • 1/2 cup organic carrot juice (we get ours from Costco in bulk)
  • 1/2 cup organic full fat coconut milk from the can
  • 2 cups organic baby kale
  • 1/3 cup organic frozen cherries (also at Costco) *great for recovery
  • 2 TB coconut butter
  • the cleanest protein powder you can find (I recommend Rootz Paleo Protein* or Vital Proteins collagen peptides)
  • ICE!

OPTIONAL ADD INS: chia seeds, maca powder, egg yolks (trust me on this one)

*Use code: radicalroots for 20% off any Rootz order

WHAT YOU DO: (This is so easy, it’s almost funny)

  • first, pour in the carrot juice and coconut milk
  • Then add in your kale
  • Next, pop in your cherries
  • Time for the coconut butter
  • Then add the protein powder
  • Last, add the ice
  • blend it all together, and enjoy! I actually just drink mine out of the measuring cup if I am not running out the door. Why dirty up another cup?

Enjoy! And happy Tuesday… keep fueling right and training hard. Feel free to post questions to comments for my next post!

♡ Laura

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  1. Michelle March 19, 2014 at 4:05 am - Reply

    What protein powder r u using? What if u cant do the whey?

    • cflaurab March 19, 2014 at 4:30 am - Reply

      I have seen people find great success with egg white protein powders. Animal protein sources are always best, but for vegans, there is also hemp and pea protein.

  2. food is medicine | Radical Roots August 18, 2015 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    […] body that can irritate cells and turn them into early cancers. I like to add a handful of kale to a smoothie for a healthy meal on the […]

  3. Jeanne June 21, 2016 at 11:44 am - Reply

    I personally recommend the one I got from wecarenaturals, it is hydrolyzed collagen which dissolves in water or any liquid easily.

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