Episode #55 of the MMP – Catchup, Change, and Choosing Happy

We are SO EXCITED to share that Four Sigmatic has come on to support the Modern Mamas Podcast and to bring you guys a great deal! You can now get 15% off your Four Sigmatic order with code: modernmamas. If you’ve been following along, you know that I am loving the impact these deeply medicinal real food supplements have had on my life, and I can’t wait to hear what you think too. Happy shrooming, friends ♡

“Catchup Episode: Catchup, Change, and Choosing Happy”

In this much needed catchup episode of the Modern Mamas Podcast, Jess and Laura sit for a (mostly) uninterrupted hour of sharing updates, discussing what it means to choose happy, and answering YOUR questions, including how to navigate dealing with the unsupportive people in your life when it comes to parenting decisions and why we were’ fat fueled (and our list of nourishing fat go-tos). Don’t miss it.

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Links and Such:

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The Whole Brain Child
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Laura’s website – https://myradicalroots.com/
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