Episode #58 of the MMP: Eliza Parker on Belly Crawling

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“Guest Interview: Eliza Parker Returns for Belly Crawling!”

In this episode, Laura sits down for a wisdom filled chat with Eliza Parker on her 4th MMP appearance. We dive deep into a topic with little recognition but immense importance: BELLY CRAWLING! The why, how, when, and what all in one place. We even talk about how EVERYONE should give it a try no matter what age and the reasons why movement and emotion are so intertwined. Don’t miss this one. 

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A certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, and trained Feldenkrais® practitioner, Eliza respects babies as whole people who enter the world knowing how to communicate, learn, and self-heal within relationship. Her Conscious Baby practice employs a unique approach to baby-led “I can do it myself” milestone development, as well as attunement to non-verbal cues and crying. Eliza’s life-changing perspectives and respectful solutions toward common parenting questions transcend “typical” parenting advice. Her work addresses babies on the “well baby” spectrum and those experiencing challenges such as motor delay, difficulty in tummy time, and hip dysplasia.

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