Episode #62 of the MMP – Transition, Sleep, Intuition, & Shame

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“Catchup Episode: Big transitions, our Beautycounter whys, Sleep intimacies, the power of intuition, and unpacking shame.”

In one of the deepest and most emotionally intimate episodes in a long time, Jess and Laura sit down for an important catchup episode. We talk all things life, transition, sleep, empowerment, and shame. Jess shares all about her current life transitions, and Laura gives the emotional and intimate details of what she learned when her family tried gentle sleep coaching with Evie. We unexpectedly dive into the guilt and shame mamas face on a daily basis and the power that comes from tuning in rather than out. Don’t miss this one! 

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Jess’ site is up and running and beautiful!
Check out Laura’s Instagram sleep highlight for more details on that journey.
Many Moons workbook

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Laura’s website – https://myradicalroots.com/

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♡ Laura

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