Episode #61 of the MMP: Dr. Jaclyn Chasse on Male Fertility

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“Guest Episode: Dr. Jaclyn Chasse on optimizing male fertility”

In this episode, Jess sits down with Dr. Jacyln Chasse, founder of Perfect Fertility to discuss all things male fertility.  We talk about the process of fertilization, incidence of male infertility during the conception journey, and how to optimize male fertility in a few simple and straightforward ways.  This one is for those who are in the pre-conception, conception, and postpartum phases alike!

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Dr. Jaclyn Chasse is a naturopathic doctor & founder of Perfect Fertility (www.perfectfertility.com), home of the integrative & functional medicine approach to infertility. She has trained thousands of doctors on her fertility methods, and helped hundreds of couples conceive. In her spare time, she loves gardening, healthy cooking, and being a mindful mama to her brood of 6 children!

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The Agouti Mouse Article
Connect with Dr. Chassewww.perfectfertility.com and @perfect_fertility on Instagram

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Laura’s website – https://myradicalroots.com/

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