bacon, liver, bison burgers!

As promised, here is the recipe for some delicious, NUTRITIOUS bacon liver bison burgers that will seriously knock your socks off…

But first, our newest kitchen gadget that has us both a little more excited than anyone should be about kitchen gadgets.

Introducing the Soda Stream! *note the Against All Grain cookbook in the background. Love her!

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I know what you’re thinking… “but Laura, you don’t drink chemical sugar water!” And you’re right, I don’t, but Rusty and I were spending at least $15 a week (which adds up to almost $800 a year) on soda water. That is a problem, and where there is a problem, Rusty finds a solution. So, viola! We bought this guy with left over gift card money we had to Sur La Table from our wedding (Thank you, Greg Glassman!).

You just fill one of the fancy bottles with cold filtered water, put it in the contraption, pull a little tab 4 times, and you have delicious, refreshing bubbly water. It’s pretty much perfect, and I am a little too excited about it.

Ok, back to liver and burgers, and all things paleo…

So here are the simple steps to make one hell of a burger.

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Bacon Liver Bison Burger Bowl

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: moderate
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  • turn on your griddle to medium-low and coat with a layer of coconut oil
  • throw the bison into a bowl
  • measure out (we just eye-balled it) your pâté so that you have about 1 part pâté to 4 parts bison – about a half a cup should do, but you can do more or less depending on how much pâté flavor you’d like
  • split your mixture in half and make two balls like this…
  • put the balls on and use a spatula to flatten them out
  • once you see meat juice coming out of the top (about 3-4 minutes) flip it
  • put a piece of cheese on top of each burger (we cover it with a small pan to help the cheese get really melty)
  • once you see juice coming out of this side (another 3-4 minutes), pull it off and place on top of your salad
  • and now ENJOY! Then, go tell everyone how good liver can be.

Happy Wednesday, guys! I had so much in the kitchen today, coming up with all kinds of ideas and goodies to share. Get excited! Here’s a hint…

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