Episode #41 of the MMP – Update: teething, travel, & all the fat

“Update Episode: Teething, Travel, and all the Fat”

In this overdue episode of the Modern Mamas Podcast, Laura and Jess catch up on life, a teething babe, travel, sleep, money, and our current escapades in low carb, high fat eating. We plan to do more frequent update episodes where we catch up and answer YOUR questions, so leave a comment below letting us know what you think or leave a question for us to answer on our next update episode!

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Links and Such:
Laura’s Portland Travel post
Jess’ Keto Ranch dressing
Laura’s Loaded Coffee recipe
Laura’s mama and baby essentials post
Paleovalley whey protein (20% off with code radicalroots)
Affordable Amazon grass fed peptides
Seeking Health Prenatal
Paleovalley organ complex(20% off with code radicalroots)
Extra virgin cod liver oil
Chaste tree berry
Thorne Vitamin D + K2

Connect with us:
Laura’s website – https://myradicalroots.com/

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♡ Laura

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