Episode #50 of the MMP – Update: sun, sleep, shrooms, and sips

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“Update Episode: Sun, Sleep, Shrooms, and Sips”

In this update episode of the Modern Mamas Podcast, Laura and Jess catch up and reflect on their recent magical first-time face to face experience at the Beautycounter Summit. They also chat all things life, skincare, sun protection, supplementations, baby sleep, ditching parenting dogma, and preconception practices. We plan to do more frequent update episodes where we catch up and answer YOUR questions, so leave a comment below letting us know what you think or leave a question for us to answer on our next update episode!

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Links and Such:
Four Sigmatic is our new SPONSOR! 15% off with code: modernmamas
Beautycounter love
Get a bottle of wine for a penny from Dry Farm Wines using Laura’s link
Aware Parenting Episodes: Liz Wolfe (episodes 8 & 9) and Eliza Parker (episodes 25 & 26)
Primally Pure (Jess’ 10% off discount code: JESS10)
Renegade Beauty
The Tribe Life family
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Episode 21: Our Conception Journeys
Episode 14: Jess’ Birth Stories
Episode 48: Dr. Ben Lynch on Dirty Genes
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Laura’s website – https://myradicalroots.com/
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