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Thank you!!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I would like to take some time to THANK YOU. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring, sharing, and for exploring new ideas, new recipes, and new ways to nourish yourself, the earth, and the ones you love.

This has been one hell of a year so far, and I can’t wait to see how it wraps up. I wouldn’t be loving this experience nearly as much if I didn’t have such amazing people following, reading, commenting on, and sharing my posts. I am truly so thankful for every one of you who takes time to read my blog. Because of you guys, my passion for this blog and my drive to keep going grows every single day. Each time someone comes to me saying he or she made a recipe, changed an old unhealthy eating habit, or learned something new about the current state of things, my heart grows (cheesy, I know, but true).

When you take a recipe from my blog and make it for the people you love, you’re providing nourishment that goes far beyond the nutrients on the plate; you are nourishing body, heart, and soul, and you are fostering relationships that will continue to grow in health, wellness, and love.

Anyone who is new to this lifestyle, thank you for taking the leap. Whether it’s a grain free cookie or a liver paté, you are making a change, and it’s a change in the right direction. You are taking authority over your life. You are caring about yourself and this earth. And that care will radiate out to the people you come into contact with.

Thank you for being here. For reading along. And for loving yourself. I can’t wait to see where things go from here. In that spirit of love, I bring to you a Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up, featuring a labor of love that brings to you 8 delicious recipes that I’ve put my heart into in the hopes you’ll recreate with a little heart of your own.

So thank you for giving me a reason to cook, a reason to taste, and a reason to keep on keeping on. Cheers!


[recipe title=”THANKSGIVING RECIPE ROUND UP” servings=”enough to fill a house with love” difficulty=”easy when made with family and friends”]

*May I recommend starting with a drink? How about a winter hard cider sangria or a cranberry spiced kombucha sangria??

Ok, let’s talk TURKEY!

  • HERE is a great turkey buying guide! We’ll get ours from a local farmer who we know and trust, and we will be thankful for the happy life of the turkey that will nourish us. If you’re late to the game, Whole Foods or your local organic grocery can come in to save the day (I fervently recommend going with a pastured, heirloom turkey – your body, local farmer, and planet will thank you).
  • No turkey is worth slaving over without the most amazing TURKEY BRINE. I am not trying to change something that has already been mastered so I suggest the brine made by the beautiful and talented Danielle Walker from Against All Grain. Her recipe was actually inspired by THIS recipe from the always reliable Martha Stewart.
  • And I’ve been messing around with different roasting techniques, and THIS is my favorite so far.

Next up is the stuffing, that traditional favorite that I used to just hate. It’s been revamped, renewed, and made WILD.

  • HERE is my recipe for bacon wild mushroom stuffing.
  • The glutenous bread of your typical celery filled stuffing (gag) is replaced by wild rice, plenty of bacon, and so much flavor!

And what’s Thanksgiving without mash and gravy to douse your turkey in?

  • HERE is my recipe for delicious cauli-mash and gravy!
  • If you want to go with real potatoes, HERE is a recipe from Bon appétit (so simple and so good for you folks who are good with dairy and white potatoes).

Four words. Brussles. Bacon. Apples. Pecans.

  • HERE is my bacon apple nut brussies recipe. The apple flavor bursts with bacony goodness, and the pecans provide the perfect nutty crunch. You haven’t had brussels sprouts like these before.
  • Now, go knock some socks off this Thanksgiving!

Yes, temperatures are dropping, but salad is still on the menu. Trust me on this one.

  • HERE is my autumn arugula salad, complete with roasted squash, pomegranate seeds, maple candied walnuts, goat cheese, and a super simple pomegranate dressing.
  • Salads aren’t just for summer anymore!

Now, step away from the can. It’s time for some homemade cranberry sauce.

  • For something to be called a “sauce” it can’t plop out of a can in one giant tubular shape.
  • Avoid the tubes of processed jelly by finding my gelatin rich cranberry sauce HERE.
  • Then, take that sauce and turn any leftovers into some delicious CRANBERRY SAUCE SCONES.

And because there will always be family members who demand rolls at any holiday feast (and who can blame them?), I have included some delicious, fluffy biscuits for your tasting pleasure.

  • HERE is my recipe for salt butter biscuits, guaranteed to make everyone happy.
  • Oh and because butter should be highlighted in every holiday meal (or every meal, for that matter), these are the perfect vessel for melty, delicious butter.

And now for the star of the show…. DESSERT!

  • We will start with the results of months of labor (labor of love)… my finally perfected PUMPKIN PIE!
  • And if that isn’t enough, and you want to add a twist to the old favorite, I have created a uniquely delicious, totally original APPLE BUTTER PUMPKIN PIE. Yum.
  • And HERE is the link to apple butter, which can be used a spread on all of your favorite pumpkin baked goods or pancakes, as a flavor-filled addition to your chai tea, or even as a great pairing for a perfectly grilled pork chop. [/recipe]

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays. And happy every day. Cheers and love!

♡ Laura


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